Capitalizing on the Hottest Bath Trends

The recently released 2023 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study reflects the preferences we are seeing among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. The Houzz Study compiles survey responses from nearly 2,000 homeowners who are currently remodeling, plan to remodel or have recently remodeled en suite bathrooms. Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO can use these trends to make more informed and better purchasing decisions and make it easier to create the bathroom of their dreams.

Designing Dream Kitchens: Averting Buyer's Regret

In our bustling kitchen showroom, homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO arrive brimming with inspiration for their ideal kitchen remodel. After months of independent research, scrolling through Instagram, Houzz, and other social media platforms, as well as observing the ups and downs of home improvement TV shows, they often enter with a firm checklist of "must-haves" for their dream kitchen.

Use The Latest Design Trends To Create a Dream Kitchen

Designing a dream kitchen that incorporates the latest design trends requires a thoughtful approach and attention to detail. Understanding the latest trends can be inspirational. Interior design magazines, websites, social medial platforms such as Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram are resources that many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO use to learn about trends that help them to define their individual style and how they want their new dream kitchen to look, feel and function.


Don't You Want a More Intelligent Kitchen?

Kitchens in Colorado Springs, CO are getting smarter and easier and more enjoyable to use. Homeowners are taking advantage of technology to improve the way they live, work and play and that certainly holds true to the most important room in the home, the kitchen. Our showroom continues to expand the use of smart home technology in our kitchen designs, offering homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO a broad range of innovations, conveniences and wow factors.

What's Coming In and What's Going Out

Lighting can make or break the way a kitchen functions, looks and feels. Lighting can be transformative in a kitchen remodel, helping to make smaller spaces appear larger and spotlighting focal points that attract the eye and the imagination.  

Let There Be Light

Written by Thursday, 31 August 2023 14:09

Let There Be Light image

Lighting can make or break the way a kitchen functions, looks and feels. Lighting can be transformative in a kitchen remodel, helping to make smaller spaces appear larger and spotlighting focal points that attract the eye and the imagination.  

Rooted in Nature

Written by Thursday, 24 August 2023 14:07

Rooted in Nature image

Integrating natural elements and patterns into new kitchens, baths and home renovation is hot among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO.  Because so many homeowners are spending a lot more time in their homes due to hybrid work schedules, they want their homes to perform better.  A technique to improve performance is to bring into the home natural elements commonly found outdoors.  Bringing natural elements into the home creates a soothing and refreshing atmosphere that enhances health and wellbeing and can reduce stress.  

The Hottest Trends In Bath Design

Written by Thursday, 17 August 2023 14:03

The Hottest Trends In Bath Design image

Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO during the COVID pandemic gained a new appreciation for their bathrooms which warranted a bathroom remodeling project.  They realized that a bathroom can be a refuge from the chaos of the day.  A bathroom can serve as a sanctuary where homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO can spend a few minutes all to themselves, away from texts, tweets and even the patter of little feat in peace and quiet to recharge their batteries, sooth tired muscles, and wash away the stresses of the day.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors: A Lasting Design Investment image

When it comes to creating a dream kitchen, one of the most significant decisions homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO make is choosing the color of their kitchen cabinets. While it's tempting to opt for trendy hues, we often recommend selecting a color that has long-term, lasting value.

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too image

Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO gain a new found appreciation for the backsplash when they are creating a new dream kitchen.  The backsplash represents the perfect combination of form and function. It not only protects your walls from splashes and spills, but also provides the opportunity for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to showcase their style and personality. White subway tile remains a go-to option for many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO but is by no means the only option.  

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